Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars


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Chocolate mushrooms

shroom chocolate Don’t you wish mushrooms tasted better? shroom bar. shroom chocolate bar. 1 up shroom bars

We’re here to grant that wish with our Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar! This tasty, irresistible bar of chocolate contains a total of 3.5g of Magic Mushrooms ( .6 gram per chocolate square) and can be broken off into squares for flexible dosage. shroom chocolate

Magic of our shroom chocolate:

  • Great Taste – A chocolate bar that makes you trip your face off. How could that not be the dream? shrooms bar
  • Clean High – We formulated this chocolate bar to produce a clean high that won’t leave you crashing after the initial peak. shroom chocolate
  • True Psychedelic Experience -Just cause it doesn’t taste like mushrooms don’t mean it’s not mushrooms. You won’t find any drop in the quality of your trip, in fact, you may even decide to switch to edibles!
  • Sneaky – Sure, Magic Mushrooms are legal in Canada but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be seen stuffing your face with them. For those who want to keep it classy and discrete, nibbling on some chocolate is the way to go.
  • Versatile Dosage – The combined 3.5g of mushrooms in this chocolate can be broken up into versatile dosages. Each square of this chocolate bar contains approximately .6g of Magic Mushrooms, while each bar contains 3.5g. Whether it’s a micro-dose or a full-on journey, this chocolate bar has got you covered. shrooms bar

Here’s a great idea, for the house! Go on a cookout with some friends, enjoy some smoky BBQ and wash it down with some Magic Mushroom Chocolate for dessert. You’ll be thanking us when the whole gang starts peaking!

Get yours now! 1 up shroom bars

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Burmese Magic Mushrooms are famously known for their above-average potency. This shroom is of the species Psilocybe Cubensis, a popular and fast-growing specimen. This strain was first discovered by John W. Allen, an amateur who has discovered many strains of magic mushrooms around the world. This strain was given to John W. Allen by one of his students in Burma and this strain can be traced back to that original strain.

Shroom chocolate bars. shroom chocolate bars

Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance, is created by magic mushrooms. The fact that psilocybin mushrooms are secure, healthy, and efficient is the most crucial information to know. As a potent herbal remedy, magic mushrooms have a proven track record in treating conditions including PTSD, addiction, depression, and chronic anxiety. Magic mushrooms can increase motivation, creativity, and aid with anxiety reduction at lower dosages. In higher dosages, the doors of perception will be blown open, along with time dilation, hallucinations, interactions with entities, and plenty of deep reflection. We at 3 Amigos do not make any distinctions based on whether you are using mushrooms for health benefits, to foster creativity, or for fun. Any type of mushroom is delicious to us, regardless of its size, color, flavor, or experience.


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